Use Yahoo Cocktails to Build Cloud Apps using only JavaScript

2011-11-14 SNAG-04Yahoo Mojito and Manhattan ‘cocktails’ can be used to build mojits – pure JavaScript on client and server that works without change across browsers on Android, iOS and other platforms. A significant step towards universal JavaScript cloud apps on the full range of tablet, smartphone, mobile and laptop devices.

Well done, Yahoo. Great post on GigaOM and check the Yahoo announcement.

Yahoo’s two-part “Cocktail” offering comprises Mojito, a JavaScript application framework and Manhattan, a cloud-based Mojito hosted environment that layers higher-level services atop a basic Node.js server-side execution engine. Putting Node.js on the server and a “100 percent” JavaScript execution environment on the device lets the whole experience migrate back and forth, according to Daryl Low, Yahoo principal software engineer speaking on the Yahoo video announcing the products.