Shortlist for Horizon 2012 Report Holds Few Surprises

While the full report will not appear until next month the New Media Consortium has published the shortlist of 12 technologies for its 2012 Horizon Report for Higher Education. This list will be whittled down to 6 in the final report. A summary with the likely time horizons:

Less than 1 year: Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps, Social Reading, Tablet Computing
2-3 years: Adaptive Learning Environments, Augmented Reality, Game-Based Learning, Learning Analytics
4-5 years: Digital Identity, Gesture-Based Computing, Haptic Interfaces, Internet of Things

Social reading is very much in its infancy especially in a generic sense and its impact in the coming year seems to be optimistic. I think the 2-3 year horizon list is about right. Universal digital identity is important for all cloud computing and hardly seems education-specific. It is strange not to see voice assistance listed here given the major impact that the Siri voice technology appears to be having on students. I would combine this with gestures and the uncertain appearance of haptic devices together in User Experience as a personal choice.

We await the final list in February. Thanks for Grainne @gconole for the heads-up.