Lessons for Creativity in the Here and Now

I recommend you listen to the ABC Radio National episode of Future Tense on Creativity in the 21C hosted by Anthony Furnell. Academics are forced to be creative in order to advance. For me the main lesson is articulated by Jonah Lehrer at The New Yorker, my emphasis:

But you fast-forward to the 21st century and now things look quite different. Now the most feted papers in the field are almost always the product of a team, of people from different disciplines coming together. One explanation for this trend is that it is really about our problems getting harder, that all the low-hanging fruit is gone. And so many of the challenges that remain really exceed the capabilities of the individual imagination. So we either have to learn how to work together or fail alone.

Having recently spent over 20 years working as an academic in a small private university it was difficult to form and undertake creative work in a group with colleagues. Now it is absolutely essential and forming research networks must become a number one priority. Thankfully cloud technology is enabling the collaborative tools to achieve group research. Academics just have to use the cloud effectively.