The Granny Cloud Teaching to Remote Indian Schools

2012-08-25 SNAG-00It was a pleasure to rise early on a Saturday morning to catch one of the most popular 2012 Learning 2.0 keynotes, Sugata Mitra from the MIT Media Lab and my hometown Newcastle University. His talk was on his extensive work on self organised learning and the Hole in the Wall experiment in particular. The ebook about this project where he discovered the power of self organized learning is an eminently readable 54-page Kindle single for $2.99 (all books should be like this).

In his keynote he went on to describe another ongoing project, The Granny Cloud, where he manages a volunteer group of UK grannies to provide weekly lessons via Skype to remote schools in India. This idea is now spreading around the world. All these projects are truly inspiring.

You can watch the keynote fully interactive session with questions and audience backchannel with the Blackboard Collaborate recording at:

The Granny Cloud Project