Run-of-the-mill Technology Education is Vital

I agree with the sentiments expressed in the post by Anil Dash entitled ‘The Blue Collar Coder’. He advocates:

  • Education which teaches mid-level programming as a skilled trade, suitable for apprenticeship and advancement in a way that parallels traditional trade skills like HVAC or welding
  • Less of a focus on "the next Zuckerberg", in favor of encouraging solid middle-class tech jobs that may be entrepreneurial, but are primarily focused on creating and maintaining technology infrastructure in non-tech companies
  • Changing the conversation about recruiting technologists from the existing narrow priesthood of highly-skilled experts constantly chasing new technologies to productive workers getting the most out of widely-deployed platforms and frameworks

I am in full agreement, but MPOW just closed the Bachelor of IT degree which concentrated on the above. Selling this approach to students is the hard part.